Daisy Chain Homemade

Team Gomez

"I know your deeds, your hard work, and your perserverance." 

~Revelations 2:2~

Grown From Disaster

In March 2020 the global COVID19 pandemic struck. Many lost their jobs and life was thrown upside down for the whole world including us. After I lost my job we had to find a way to provide for our family, but more than that we wanted to do something for our community. Out of that Daisy Chain Homemade was born!

Meet The Gomez Family

I have been married to my amazing husband Perfecto for over 4 years and together we have 5 beautiful children- Anthony 13, Daniel 10, Elena 5, Jaxson 3, and Luna 1. Our family are natives to Fort Worth Texas and love volunteering in our community!

Thank you for supporting our dreams!

Channah and the Gomez Family